Hey, friends!!

From: Amy and Peter

To: 5th grade class

My friend Amy and me would like to become your friends. We’re from Edinburgh (do you know in which country do we live?), and we’re 10 years old and we study at Forthview Primary School. We’ve got a new sport centre in our school and I play volleyball there. Where is your nearest sports centre? Which sports are played there? How often do you do sports?

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Take care,

Amy and Peter.


  1. Anónimo   •  

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  3. david y sergio   •  

    from peter and amy
    to david and sergio
    what esport like

  4. Miriam&Erika   •  

    From:Amy and Peter
    To:Miriam And Erika

    Hi! My near sport center is in Algete.In the sport center are lot of sports for example: football,tennis,basketball ,swiming,gymnastic rytmic, voleyball etc.

    Miriam does sports every day : judo and gymnastic rytmic.And Erika always do sports.

    Kisses and hugs 🙂

    and Erika did sports always

  5. Anónimo   •  

    from Frank williams and Alejandro lopez
    to Amy and Peter

    hello Amy and Peter

    We don’t know where is the nierest sport centre but we know that football , basketball , volleyball and swimming ,tennis and dancing play there i don’t do sport

  6. Ahmed&Unai   •  

    From:Ahmed & Unai
    To:Amy & Peter

    We are some kids from Spain and we are called Ahmed & Unai.
    We are writing to you for reply your questions that you wrote us in the e-mail

    Our nearest sports centre it´s in the outsides of our town
    We always play football but sometimes we play other sports such as tennis and handball
    We go to our sports centre twice a week and we have a lot of fun

    We hope that you have received our answer to your questions

    ; )

  7. Anónimo   •  

    from miguel and pablo

    to amy and peter

    in the esport center miguel swim and pablo play football 11

    what is your faborit team


  8. Arturo and Javier   •  

    From: Arturo and Javier
    To: Amy and Peter

    Hi we play in the Algete sport center football on Tusday and Thursday .On saturday we have football match.

    bye bye

  9. david y sergio   •  

    from peter and amy
    to david and sergio

    what sport do you like ?.what your favorite food?.my favorite food is pizza .what school go?In my school play footbool sometimes

    by by

  10. Anónimo   •  

    From: Beatriz and Alina .
    To: Amy and Peter.
    Hi, we are Alina and Beatriz and we have 10 years old .And no every estudi.
    We have a sports center in Algete .
    There are:tennis, swimming pool, rhythmic gymnastics ,football, basketball.

    by and cenquiu
    what is youre favorite colors

  11. Anónimo   •  

    From: Dajenn and Goyo
    To: Amy Peter
    I would like to go but i can´t because i study in Turin Italia . I have a sportcentre 13,786 kilometres from my house I do sports every day. We are11 years old . We play football . Bye kisses

  12. Anónimo   •  


  13. Anónimo   •  

    From: Deva and Maria : )
    To:Amy and Peter
    Hi my friend Maria and me want to talk with you.We have a sport center in Algete.We practise swimming .You can become our friends.
    We study in OBISPO MOSCOSO primary school.

    Maria and Deva

  14. ggggg   •  

    From :David and Joaquin
    To : Amy and Peter

    Dear,Peter and Amy

    We can meet to know us better and eat breakfast.N

  15. david and joaquin   •  

    From :David and Joaquin
    To : Amy and Peter

    Dear,Peter and Amy

    We can meet to know us better and eat breakfast.Other day we can see FAST AND FURIUS 8.And see STAR WARS 8


  16. Erika and Daniela   •  

    from Erika and Daniela
    to Amy and Peter

    hello friends how are you?
    wold do you like to meet today in the park to eat ice-cream
    at 6 o’clock
    i live in Algete


  17. Anónimo   •  

    from: carla&angela
    to:amy &peter

    dear amy &peter

    Hi! We play sports every day.We play a lot of types of sports especialy:football.Here in algete,we have a sport centre.When we were 5 years old,we went to classes of swimming pool.
    Now we play a lot of sports.

    hugs XDXDXD

  18. Anónimo   •  

    From: Alex R and Lidia
    To: Amy and Peter

    Dear Amy and Peter,
    There is a sports centre in Algete ,far from the town .
    You can play football, swimming, tennis, rhythmic gymnastics and basketball.
    We do sports several days in the week, for example:dance, swimming and ride bike.

    See you later.
    Alex and Lidia.

  19. Anónimo   •  

    From:Sergio and Jorge
    To:AMY and PETER

    hi my friends alvaro joaquin me want to talk with you.we have.I play football in Algete of sport center with me friends ALVARO and JOAQUIN


    jorge and sergio

  20. david and joaquin   •  

    From: David and Joaquin
    To: Amy and Peter

    Dear Peter and Amy,

    We can meet to know more of you and eat breakfast. Other day we can watch FAST AND FURIUS 8 and watch STAR WARS 8. We live in spain. The sport center is in Algete,and the swimming pool.We play football tuesdays,and basketball.We do sport every day.

    DAVID And Joaquin

  21. Anónimo   •  

    From:Alvaro & Daniel$
    To:Amy & Peter
    Dear :dani alvaro

    Hi my friend Dani & Alvaro live in Algete ,in Algete there is a sport centre .
    we practise football .
    we study in `OBISPO MOSCOSO´

  22. Anónimo   •  

    from : Alvaro and Israel
    to:Amy and Peter

    the sport center is behind the scool ,turn to the left ,dawn the street . The sports that do in the sport center is football, swiming , martial art , basketball , chess, golf and acrosport . On monday wensday ; some time on friday

    Alvaro and Israel

  23. Marco and Adrian   •  

    From Marco and Adrian
    to Peter and Amy

    Hi, how are you?.
    Our favorite sport is football.Our favorite food is hot dog Nevraska. We go to Obispo moscoso.
    Our sport center is near to the Highschool. My friend and me play football in the sport center.

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